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    Mr. Jose runs an amazing auto repair shop. His staff are well organized, respectably and extremely professional. I like the idea that my car was completed at the time I was informed it would be done. I highly recommend this auto shop, owned by Mr. Jose, to anyone who needs their car repaired or serviced URock Jose. ?

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    I took my Toyota 4 Runner to have the transmission flushed, I was very impressed on how they drained out all the bad oil by hand and didn't use the vacuum which usually contaminates your transmission from previous oils left in the vacuum. They allowed me to watch from a safe distance, they dropped the pan and cleaned the transmission thoroughly with air and put it back together. Great job!! Great price!!! Very honest and professional!! I highly recommend this place……..Joe the butcher

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    I'm a fan of these guys. I got new front and back brake pads and front rotors for around $200 and inspection. In my book, that's pretty good.

    I'm having them put new axles on the front right now. It was sounding pretty horrible when I dropped it off today, so we'll what it sounds like when I get it back.